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Don't loose your stories: backup your writing
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A lot of you have mentioned loosing your posts after putting a lot of work into them. I'd advise never writing directly in this window (except maybe for just a quick chatting note). If you are on one page too long, then you will time out and have to re-log in. You could loose your work that way. If your computer or internet have a problem then you can loose it, as well. If I do write directly in this window, I tend to highlight all the words and copy them so if something happens then I can just hit "paste" and it'll all be here again.

There can be an error pretty much anywhere you write. If you save it on your computer then if the computer crashes or something goes wrong, then you can loose it.

There have been times when the FW server has crashed, too. Usually they can recover all the old postings, but sometimes a few of them are lost. So there is no 100% guarantee that even after you post it'll be here forever.

That's why I try to save all my important writings in two or three different places. I save it on my computer, on a USB/thumb drive, and online somewhere.

Putting it here on FW is a good option, or if it's something you aren't ready for anyone else to see yet, you can save it "in the clouds." That's the slang for using an online file storage site. You can make a free account and upload your writing. It's password protected so no one else can see it unless you want them to. I use www.box.net. I like using the cloud storage because you can access it from any computer. So even if I'm at the library I can pull up my book and start working on it there. For collaborative projects it works well, too, because you have the option of having group files with friends so you can both access it from your own computer.

You put a lot of hard work and time into your writing. Be sure to protect it in several place so you know it's safe forever!
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