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Hi guys, here are some links to magazines who take submissions of things that are written by kids. You can check them out to see if your stories might be a good fit. Here are some other things you want to think about and do before submitting a story

1. ALWAYS ask your parents to check out the magazine and web site.

2. Proofread, proofread, proofread. Check your writing over carefully for mistakes and then ask at least two other people to proof your story for you. No matter how often you look at it, you wonít see everything because your brain knows what you meant.

3. Make sure you check exactly what kind of writing the magazine wants, how long they want it to be, and how they want you to send it. Look at their website for their guidelines. If you donít follow them, then they probably wonít even look at your submission.

4. Check out the magazine and make sure your story would fit. If you write romance, you probably wonít want to submit to a boysí magazine or a sports magazine. Many Public Libraries can help you find a back copy (old copy) so you can read it and know what type of stories they are looking for.

5. Be careful about submitting to magazines that require a fee. (Again, this reinforces the rule to have your parents check it out. You don't want to send personal information without making sure it's not a scam. There are people out there that take advantage of people who want to get published. We will do our best to make sure any magazine or contest we suggest is not a scam but it's still important to check with your parents and encourage them to read the magazine too. But keep in mind that some legitimate contests do have a reading fee, so a fee doesnít always mean itís a scam. If you arenít sure, Google it and look around or ask some other authors.

6. Keep in mind that posting your stories anywhere online, like here on FaithWriters, can be considered "published." So if a magazine doesn't accept reprints, then it might not take something you've put online here. Just mention in your cover letter that it appears here and then they can decide if they think it'll still fit their magazine or not.

Below are some magazines that are looking for authors your age.

Stone Soup is a magazine for kids, written by kids. It features stories, poems, and book reviews. It's for ages 8 to 13. Their word count limit is 2,500. They are also looking for illustrators. If you like drawing, you can send three pictures to the art editor. Here is the web page. http://www.stonesoup.com/

Pitara is an online magazine. They have different age groups and categories. http://www.pitara.com/magazine/

TIME for Kids is a magazine about what is going on in the world. They look for Kid Reporters. You would write about a current event and submit it to them.

Guide Magazine is for Christians. They showcase artwork, photographs, writing and many other things. http://guidemagazine.org/talent-showcase

Have fun and let us know if you get something published! :-)
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