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Since Iím not a kid, please donít enter me in the competition, Annika. But I thought it would be fun to go ahead and answer it just because.

1. Favorite Nickname (How did you get this nickname?): I gave myself the nickname Sparrow and use it online and call my website Sparrowís Flight: Where imagination soars and dreams take wing. In the Bible there are passages that talk about how God notices and cares even when a sparrow falls. Even more so He cares for us, His children. So the name represents His love and care even for the most minor parts of my life. Plus I love bird watching. :-)

2. Favorite color: Purple

3. Favorite song (How does this song speak to you OR why do you like this song?) : My fav song changes but right now one of my favorites is ďBlessingsĒ by Laura Story. Itís about how the difficult times in our lives donít mean that God doesnít care, but could be that He will give us greater blessings through that trial. I have serious health issues, so I face challenges every day and itís good to be reminded that God still loves me and can bring good out of the bad times.

4. Favorite quote (What does it mean to you?): Hhmmm, Iím not sure. I have lots of them I like, but not sure about a favorite.

5. Favorite book (And why) : Corrie ten Boomís autobiography, The Hiding Place, is one that has always been really powerful to me. She was put in concentrations camps during WWII because she helped the Jews. She faced horrible abuse but was able to praise God in the middle of it. When Iím in a lot of pain and feeling like I canít do much for God, I remember Corrieís experiences. Joni Earickson Tadaís autobiography speaks to me, too, because sheís paralyzed but still is able to live for God.

Mostly I just read fiction, though, and some of my favorite authors are YA writers Robert Elmer and Shannon Hale (you should check them out!) and for adult-level reading I like Dee Henderson, Randy Ingermanson, and Stephanie Grace Whitson (among many others).

6. Favorite hobby (And why) : Besides writing I like bird watching because they are so pretty and free. I do a lot of craftingÖ crocheting baby blankets, cross stitch and embroidery, and card making. I used to do more scrap booking but since Iím writing more I donít have time.

I also love interpreting music into sign language. I have a couple videos of me on YouTube.

7. Advice for people having friend problems: Remember that all people are human and sometimes your friends will hurt you. Strong friends can work through it and become better and closer by learning through the trials. Be willing to admit when youíre wrong and learn from your mistakes.

Also remember that sometimes itís okay to let go of a friend if they are pulling you down or if youíve just moved on to another stage of life. But do it in a nice way either by drifting apart slowly and naturally or if you need to break it off suddenly, respect them enough to gently explain why you feel like you have to.

8. Advice for people going through depression: I see there being two kinds of depression. One is just looking on the dark side all the time and being grumpy. Remember that joy is a choice. Just like with Corrie ten Boom, she was in horrible circumstances with people being mean to her and physical suffering. But she still found things to be glad about and praise God about. Ask God to help you, and at the end of every day make a list of things you are glad about. Maybe itís a even a little thing like someone making you smile. When you start to think too much about the bad things, then try to divert your mind to think about something else.

The other kind of depression is what they call clinical depression and itís actually a health problem rather than an emotional kind of problem, though it causes emotional trouble. I think itís important to know the difference because this kind isnít because of sin and just being grumpy. This is actually a medical condition that is caused by some diseases or by brain chemicals and hormones being out of whack.

Though trying to be joyful and praise God anyway is still important, this kind of illness isnít something a person can fix by themselves just because they try hard enough. As Christians we need to learn how to support these friends and not condemn them or think they donít have enough faith or anything like that. For people with clinical depression and/or anxiety, it takes more faith to get through five minutes than most people use in a whole week. Often medicines or natural remedies can help the symptoms go away or lessen.

Whichever kind of depression it is, donít feel like you should try to hide it. Talk to your parents or someone you can trust about it, and if you feel like itís controlling your life too much, try talking to your pastor or a councilor or psychiatrist. They can help you learn tools to deal with it better.

Whew! I gave long answers. I guess thatís why Iím a writeróI like to talk. Haha!
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