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Amy's Response to Prayer Soldier
Amy Sparrow (mod)

Prayer Soldier, I appreciate your concern about having an adult on the website. The new owner of FaithWriters, Michael Edwards, asked me to join the site primarily to encourage you guys and be able to give you tips on writing and things like that. I'm planning to start some fun posts like writing tips and information about opportunities on contests you could enter or magazines that accept stories written by kids.

I will also be keeping an eye out for inappropriate articles. Sometimes I'll just email the author to talk to them about it. If it's something really important for the younger kids not to see, I might remove the article but I will always contact the author to explain why.

If you look at my website you'll see that I have FaithWriter articles that go back seven years, like I said in my introduction. If you Google my full name, you'll see other stories I've had published other places. Hopefully that will assure you that I am who I say I am. If you are still concerned, feel free to ask your parents to look at my posts and my website. I believe they will think it's a good thing that I'm here. Pretty much all kids' sites have an adult or two keeping an eye on things.

I hope that makes you feel better.
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