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Hi! I'm Amy Michelle Wiley, the new moderator here on the kids' site. I've been active at the adult version of FaithWriters for seven years and am a coordinator and workshop teacher for their writing conferences. I do a lot of mentoring to help new writers learn how to write even better. Now I'm hanging out at this site more to get to know you younger writers.

We're hoping to make some cool changes on this site this summer, so let me know if you have any requests and I'll pass them on to the owner, Mike. No guarantees he can do them, but doesn't hurt to ask.

Please feel free to message me about anything: just to say hi, or ask for writing advice or any kind of advice.

Now a little about me. I'm 29 and live in Washington state. It's very green and beautiful here, with trees, lakes, rivers, and mountains. I have a cat and two older sisters and three nieces. Words and people are my passions, so I love that I can work with them all day.

I work part-time at a college as a sign language interpreter. A teammate and I get assigned a class with a Deaf student. Everything the teacher or other students say, I sign in American Sign Language so the Deaf student can understand, and everything that student signs, I voice into English. It's hard because each language has a completely different grammar system. I have to keep listening to the teacher while I'm thinking about how to interpret it AND be interpreting the last thing they said, all at the same time. But I went to a lot of years of college to learn how to do it. I really love it.

I'm also a writer, obviously. I've had a ton of short stories published in online magazines and anthologies (collections of different people's short stories). I'm a regular writer for a daily devotional blog called Jewels of Encouragement and I also direct an international collaborative fiction group called Peculiar People. We've published two group novels so far. I dabble in all genres but my favorite is fiction, believing it can touch people's hearts with God's love in a special way.

I recently wrote my first novel and am working on about the fifth draft of it, with lots of feedback from other writer friends. It's called Reaching Sky and is for young adult readers. It's about a brother and sister who run away from abusive foster homes and go on a road trip together. A mysterious squinty-eyed man starts showing up everywhere they go and even leaves threatening messages for them. The siblings reconnect with each other and find God in their search for a safe home.

I have a publisher interested in looking at the book, so that's really exciting.

You can read some of my stuff on my website, www.sparrowsflight.net, and I'll post a few things on this site for you to read also, if you want.

Nice to meet you all!
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